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What is BBWin ?

BBWin is an open source client for Windows working with BigBrother or Xymon(Hobbit) monitoring software.
Where is Hobbit?

Where can I get BBWin ?

BBWin 0.12 is available on the sourceforge project page.

Using BBWin with Xymon(Hobbit) Centralized mode

To use the centralized Xymon(Hobbit) mode of BBWin, you must have the following requirement :
You should use at least BBWin 0.12 or upper.
The BBWin handle for centralized mode is included in Xymon(Hobbit) since April 2008.
The BBWin central mode documentation is only included in the 4.3 branche.
The documentation is only availabe as a man page (ie: man hobbit-clients.cfg).

With Xymon(Hobbit) stable release (4.2.2)

With Xymon(Hobbit) snapshot release (4.3)

Configure BBWin for the centralized mode

To enable the centralized mode in BBWin 0.12, turn it on with these lines in your bbwin.cfg file :
<!-- bbwin mode local or central -->
<setting name="mode" value="central" />
<setting name="configclass" value="win32" />

Example of hobbit-clients.cfg for Windows usage

HOST=%win.* #Your windows hosts
        LOAD 80 90 # Load threholds are in %
        DISK D 50 55 # Can be harddrive or mount points
        DISK InetPub 30 35
        MEMPHYS 90 101
        MEMSWAP 90 95
        MEMACT  90 97
        PORT "LOCAL=%([.:]80)$" state=LISTENING TEXT=http
        PROC BBWin.exe 1 1
        PROC svchost.exe 3 4
        LOG %.*  %.*error.* COLOR=yellow
        SVC MSSQLSERVER startup=automatic status=started
For more example, see the hobbit-clients.cfg man page.


With some servers, tests like svcs, ports, uptime and who will appear in purple and the others tests are green, problem ?
The central mode send a file (Client data) with all the information into it.
The Hobbitd server trunk the file according to hobbitserver.cfg value.

So you might change it to this:

Where can I get some help setting it up?

Help is available on the BBWin mailing list, Logo